Đờn Ca Tài Tử (Traditional Vietnamese music)

“Đờn ca tài tử” is a genre of chamber music in the traditional music of southern Vietnam. It is a musical entertainment for scholars and music lovers at all levels of society.

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“Đờn ca tài tử” was listed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2013. The music and songs evoke the people’s life and work on the land and rivers of the Mekong Delta region. This kind of music is not only performed in festivals and parties but also in post-harvest time. “Đờn ca tài tử” is thus intimately connected with other cultural practices and customs, oral traditions and handicrafts.

It has been deeply in the heart of the South Vietnam people and popularized through cultural exchanges among peoples, showing their mutual harmony and respect. Cruising with Victoria Mekong, you will enjoy “Đờn ca tài tử” on gentle waves on Hau river to make your journey to be fulfilled with unique experiences.

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