Apsara Dance

The Apsara dance is a traditional dance of the Kingdom of Cambodia, dating back to the 7th century. In 2003, UNESCO recognized the Apsara dance as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

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Apsara dance is an essential part of the Khmer culture. In line with Cambodian mythology, Apsaras are beautiful female creatures that visit Earth from heaven to entertain both gods and kings with their enchanting dance, and thus originated the Apsara dance.

The main traits of the dance are the hand gestures, and more than 1,500 exist. Each movement of the fingers has its own distinct meaning, from worshiping the spirits of nature by depicting a flower in bloom to referencing one of the hundreds of Buddhist and Hindu legends. The movement of the dancers is elegant and modest, yet also agile at the same time. Apsaras are identified by their elaborate costume, which is comprised of elegant silk clothes with floral motifs, magnificent headdresses, and jewelry.

Throughout many changes in history, Cambodians have been able to keep the dance alive and become the representation of Cambodia’s culture. Why would you come back to the wealth and prosperity of the Khmer Empire by captivating Apsara dances on the voyage with Victoria Mekong?

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